Our story

We're Andrea and Roberto, two italian guys living in Lisbon from 2014. Our backgrounds are rispectively a Master degree in Marketing management and a Law degree. When we arrive to Lisbon we start working in a call center and we became good friends. Sharing the same passions for traveling, learn from different cultures and meeting people, we decided to start the Smiling properties project.

We started the short time renting activity in june 2015, with our first apartment. In the beginning this was not our main activity but our goal was to make of it our full time job. Step by step we achieved it and now we manage several apartment in Lisbon and Costa da Caparica.


Our Mission

  • Provide an unique experience to our guests

  • Maximize owners profits

  • Became a reference in the short time renting market

  • Promote the beauty and potential of Portugal

  • We want you to smile :)

Our value

  • Create a winning network of customers and suppliers,in order to generate mutual, enduring value.

  • Provide different type of accomodation for different needs

  • Grow stable and solid relationships with owners, providing different and flexible solutions for all the needs


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